What We Do

What We Do
We offer innovative interior designs solutions to two categories of clients; retail and commercial clients.



Our one on one retail services gives us the opportunity to connect with you and your home. Whether you are updating a single room, complete renovation or new construction, we can be there for you offering fresh and unique ideas, overseeing the design process from concept to completion.

You can also hire from our pool of trusted, courteous and well trained artisans for your “quick-fix” jobs ranging from plumbing, electrical fittings, painting , pop, screeding and installations.



Whether you are updating or starting from a blank canvas, we offer an assortment of interior design services such as design planning to project supervision for our corporate client especially in the hospitatlity industry, the private and public sectors. With our knowledge in project management , you have the benefit of a professional and follow-through service from purchase to delivery and installation. Our specialty is in providing unique modern interior designs to create a space that reflects your style and brand.

Services rendered to our two categories of clients include:

  • Furnishing / Fittings
  • Wall/Floor Coverings (wallpaper, wall panel, 3D boards, wood floors, etc)
  • Light Fixtures
  • Window Treatments (Drapes, roller blinds, Venetians, wood blinds etc)
  • Supply of home decoration accessories
  • Home / furniture arranging
  • Colour consultation
  • Project management
  • Project supervision/management
  • Renovation, Installations, Repairs & Maintenance



Customer Testimonials

"Anything's possible when you have a designer with a vision to guide you-especially when you add some tight deadlines into the mix. The ArchPlace interiors made the magic happen for us, a newly wed couple who needed their home refurbished in a hurry." The Akingbola's

"I was delighted when The ArchPlace Interior's took my thoughts and ideas and went above and beyond. The most intresting part of it was; even with my tight budget, they still found a way around it and came up with smart designs, with just the right aesthetic updates to perfectly suit my style." Dapo Dawodu