Building Lasting Client Relationships

Building Lasting Client Relationships

Asuquo Eyo March 8, 2020

Recently, I was part of a conversation with an HP sales manager who complained about his sales staff inability to “get out there and talk to customers”. Apparently, there is still a fair bit of the “we’re the best, we don’t need to build relationships” mindset that goes on in some people’s minds.

Funny enough, another person in the conversation was someone with the ability to influence computer buying decisions. His innocent reply was beautiful. He said, “well, yeah, in our department, we had these guys coming from Zinox Computers. They would come in, introduce themselves, come by once in a while without being intrusive, and just sort of be friendly with us. Then, at some point a while later, we were at a point when we wanted to upgrade our systems and these guys were the most convenient choice. We had never even heard from the other companies other than maybe once.”

I like HP and their products but there is a lesson here. 

It has been said that, in sales, repetition is key. It used to work OK to show up once, hammer the customer over the head with a pitch, make them sign on the dotted line, and disappear into the sunset. 

That no longer works. With the internet and such, customers go where they choose. They will still prefer to go where they feel good, special and where the choice is convenient! 

Stay in touch with your clients and you’ll do well!

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