Don’t Know Something? Ask Someone Who Knows!

Don’t Know Something? Ask Someone Who Knows!

Asuquo Eyo February 26, 2020

I know that this sounds extremely simplistic. Yet I have seen many highly successful people agonize over an issue that would get easily solved simply by picking up the phone and asking for help. 

It appears that many of us equate success with absolute self-sufficiency in our business and life in general. Whether this “help” comes from a trusted friend, a colleague, or by hiring a professional whose job is to have the answer you need, there is nothing “weak” about asking. 

Also, most people love to feel like experts and appreciate when you trust their opinion. The main thing is that we are making wise choices about where to invest our time and energy. After all, isn’t it better to say “I don’t know” sooner, ask someone who knows, and have a lot more time for other important things?

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