Small Things Count…

Small Things Count…

Asuquo Eyo February 18, 2020

A little while back, I was looking into certain kind of software which isn’t normally found in most stores. I could find it on the Internet and I stopped by Slot in Ikeja where I bought my computer. I asked about the software and Shade, the store supervisor, said they didn’t stock it. I didn’t even ask for further suggestions and she said she could probably get the software for me. She took my name and number and said she would call back soon.

It really floored me when she called me in a couple of days. I even remembered that the same thing happened when I bought the computer. 

Either time, I didn’t expect her to follow up. Perhaps I am easily impressed – but my experience is that far too many people fail to do as they say. 

That is fine if you are in business to get one-time sales. To build long-term relationships, do as Shade did. Follow up on the small things you promise. Just as marriages can break up because of a build-up of small things, customers also leave when the little things aren’t done!

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