Customers Care To Know That You Care…

Customers Care To Know That You Care…

Asuquo Eyo February 15, 2020

Customers, no matter how small or large their order is, want to feel important and respected by you and your business. One of my coaching clients used to refer to all his clients as “accounts” and was surprised that these “accounts” had no loyalty to his services. I prompted him to ask his “accounts” for feedback and he started to change his attitude as a result of this feedback. His “accounts” ceased to be mere entries in his accounting system and became human beings. Interestingly enough, his client loyalty increased dramatically.

Making customers feel important is more a question of intention than of committing huge resources to the task. A smile and kind words cost nothing, yet they carry a lot of weight. Respect for customers’ time and concerns costs nothing other than greater awareness of our own time planning and how we run our business. A mailed thank you note costs a little more: fifty naira (N 50) for a stamp plus some letterhead and an envelope. Yet the rewards as a result of increased trust can be enormous.

Next time someone in your business laments about lack of customer loyalty, take that as an opportunity to brainstorm. Think “how can my business make my customers feel more important?”. Ask “how can I increase the trust my customers feel towards my products, services, or reputation?” Whatever steps you think of, TAKE THEM. Ultimately, your customers do not know you care unless you TELL them so!

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