Ponder on this: “you bought a plot of land in Lagos and somebody comes to claim that his ancestors bequeathed the land to him and insists that you must pay certain amount of money before you can be allowed to develop the land. He further asks you to pay extra amount of money for foundation of your house, and another for fencing of the property.”


This practice is commonly referred to as “Omo-onile wahala” in Lagos.

This has been the experience of prospective land owners in Lagos. Almost every land buyer has a story to tell when it comes to Omo-onile wahala.

Literally, Omo-onile means “the descendants of the rightful land owners”, they are the indigenous land owners in a given community. And sometimes, land grabbers tend to act like Omo-onile. However, no investor wants to go through any scenario with any of them.

Oakwood Gardens Phase 2

This whole saga had caused fear which leads to discouragement in the heart of many investors; thus, leave them with an option to opt out from the business. But the issue of Omo-onile has nothing to do with the success of the business if the right knowledge is acquired. Experience pays the bill…


When considering acquiring a piece of landed property, there are many questions to answer before making an offer. Many have it in their plan to acquire land but fail to make practical plans towards the goal simply because they are void when it comes to the right knowledge of acquiring a land.

Land for sale


It is very important that you have a good property lawyer before embarking on land/property purchase. Reason being that your lawyer is the one who ensures that you don’t run into legal trouble with land/property documents after purchase. It is your lawyer’s job to verify the authenticity of any title document backing the land/property.

Any question that remains murky after speaking with the seller or agent should be ran by your lawyer: having to be aware of the right documents to get after the purchase is much more important before paying for the land.

Is the property overpriced? Your lawyer should be able to tell if the price of the parcel is higher than its value, thereby, you renegotiate.

propert 2


There are a number of crucial documents:

  1. Receipt
  2. Approved Survey Plan
  3. Approved layout
  4. Deed of Assignment
  5. Certificate of Occupancy (C OF O)
survey plan 2
Sample survey plan

Is there anything I need to know about Omo-oniles?

  • Are we free from Omo-onile?
  • If Omo-onile stumble on the land, how does one keep them from causing harassment during the course of erecting structures?
  • If Omo-onile are being too worrisome, is there any legal way to preventing this?

Are we good to go? The last question for your lawyer should be “are we good to go?” That question compounds the things you know and the things you don’t know. If he requests for more time to finish his work, give him/her to do necessary things accordingly. But if your lawyer says “yes”, then you should trust your lawyer. Go and make payment!


What is the payment plan?

Since you have known all you want to know, the next thing is know how you seal the deal by making the payment. It is very painful to have gone a long way researching about a desired land, and along the process lose the land to someone else who has made payment. Lands are allocated to people that pay, not to people that raise interest. So you have to be snappy about your investigations, and quickly request for the payment plan.

To make it easier for you, ask if there is installment payment plan IIPP). If there is room for IPP, it is advisable to start your payment as soon as possible just to seal the deal. Ask if you are allowed to spread the payment for a year or 2. Know about the rate of interest that it will attract, and then SEAL THE DEAL!


Place a clear SOLD-SIGNBOARD on the land; start raising your desired home…

Need to invest in landed properties? Click to>>> learn more

Contact us: For site inspection and registration please call 08028437423, 08028158070




“Real estate can’t be lost or stolen, nor carried away. Managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

…Franklin Roosevelt


“No man but feels more of a man in the world if he have a bit of ground that he can call his own. However small it is on the surface, it four thousand miles deep; and that is a very handsome property.

…Charles Dudley Warner


“Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate. Repeat after me; real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest value and the least risk”.

…Armstrong Williams


“That house/land you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today”

Archibong Enang


‘Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate”

…Andrew Carnegie

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth both financial affluence and emotional security”

…Suze Orman


“Landlords grow rich in their sleep”

…John Stuart Mill

Want to know more? Click here

Contact us now: For more info on how to join our group, purchase landed properties and site inspection; please call/whatsapp 08028437423, 08028158070.




Do you remember that historic football match between Nigeria and Brazil in Atlanta 1996 Olympics.

Brazil was referred to as the king of global football at that time and they knew it. So, Nigeria losing to Brazil that night wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Gosh! Brazil dealt with us that night. Till around 77th minutes (about 12 minutes to the end of the match) Brazil was obviously dominating the game. The score line was Brazil 3, Nigeria 1.

Despite the Brazilian squad including star names such as; Carlos, Rivaldo, Bebeto and Ronaldo, Nigerians watching the game still thought Nigeria did not deserve such humiliation by the Samba boys.

We had been beaten mercilessly. Nigerians became angry toward the end of the match; many had turned off their Television sets, some were shedding tears. While few hoped and prayed that we would not be further disgraced with yet another goal.

However, the unimaginable happened in that historic match! At about 78th minutes into the match, Victor Ikpeba stroked from 20 yards to score the second goal, everything changed at that point beyond the 3:2 score line. Pressure shifted upon Brazil,  and hope for the Nigerian players. They became more motivated and began to fire shots from every angle.

Then another miracle happened, at the 90th minute, just before the final whistle, Kanu Nwankwo turned and flipped the ball over the Brazilian goal keeper, Dida and it was another goal, the equalizer… What a wonderful match!!

And there was a rule then, “the Golden Goal Rule”. Meaning; the first to score in the extra time wins the game.

Then came the decisive goal from “Papilo” (Kanu Nwankwo) in just 3 minutes of the extra time… And that was how the messy match became a message!!!

Of a truth, today makes it exactly 184th day of the 365 days in 2017. About 50.5% of 2017. It is officially some few more days into the end of the 2nd half of 2017.

Yes, but it is not over yet…

A lot can still be done this year to make it a glorious one. The remaining 48.5% is sufficient to define the whole year. Don’t lose hope now. It is too early to give up on your beautiful expectations for this year.

The good part is that I got some wonderful piece of information for you. My mission is to encourage someone out there today, probably -about to throw-in the towel by showing you one of the fastest ways you can still reach your goal this year.

I know the economy is very tight right now.

I know you might currently be in search of a job or maybe you’ve just lost one

Who knows…you may even be unable to pay your rent at the moment

But worry no more because all of that will soon be a thing of the past.

Why am i so sure of myself?

It is because you will soon discover and get to sign up to join a Valuable Real Estate Network Marketing Company I joined some years back named “PWAN Homes

This has been the  secret to the amazing financial freedom currently being enjoyed by a lot of members!

PWAN HOMES is an acronym for Property World Africa Network Home Ownership Made Easy Scheme. A property marketing company that presently operates out of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and currently marketing various expanse of land in the Ibeju-Lekki LGA, amongst other locations in Nigeria to be developed into estates.

As a member of this unique group, you can start making over N1,000, 000 every month depending on your effort.

For every 10 plots of land you sell, you get a plot of land free. Just imagine how many plots you will get at practically zero cost if you sell 10 plots every month.

Somebody has sold 20 plots in a week before!  You can sell off some of these free plots later on when the value appreciates and then apply the proceeds towards building your own house. It is that simple…

Also, by meeting a set target; you may be will be rewarded with certain items like a brand new car, mini laptops and many other gifts from time to time.

For marketing runs, there are over 15 SUVs with drivers on standby for site inspection. All you have to do is get as many interested prospects to come to the office daily except on Sundays at the hours of 10a.m, 12 noon and 2p.m respectively with or without your presence and the deal will be closed on your behalf to help you earn your deserved income.

A Quick BonusThe ArchPlace Properties, my own real estate firmwas born out of PWAN HOMES. The ArchPlace Properties was established with the numerous commissions received through my partnership with PWAN HOMES as one of their consultants within a short period of time.

Now, you too can achieve that in a very short period of time when you sign up under me, so i can show you the path to thread…

Watch the video below once again to get you motivated and reassured.

watch (1)

Since I said I am on this platform to encourage someone out there, let me give a brief explanation on how I was able to swim through the river called frustration and made it to through to shore.

Few years ago, I took a decisive step and yielded to the same advice am giving to you now and I partnered with PWAN Homes, as a consultant while still maintaining my paid job then.

This action of mine was not unconnected with the wind of job uncertainty and salary slashing that blew across the banking industry at that time, courtesy of the CBN Governor then, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the current emir of Kano through some neck breaking banking reforms.

I could no longer maintain a good standard of living. And the option of crossing to another bank was out of it since virtually all the banks were affected in one way or the other by the reforms.

So what I did next was to look for a business I could do by the side to meet up with my ever increasing responsibilities. I tried lots of them, but all to no avail until I met an old friend at one of our other friend’s 10th year wedding anniversary held in Sheraton hotels, Ikeja.

He later introduced me to the business that eventually changed my story. Today when I look back and remember the day I had to give my employer a resignation letter, when I consider the current economic trends and the rate of job lost in Nigeria , I cannot but thank God for giving me the wisdom to make the right decision then.

My friend, Charles that sold the idea to me , advised me then to make it  my “Plan B” and run with it until it becomes my “Plan A”,  after which I could then decide to throw in the towel with my paid employment, if I so wish. 

Today, I remain ever grateful to Charles, just as anyone that will take that step of faith after reading this historic message will not stop thanking me soon for sharing that same information I was given then at no cost…free of charge!

My mission is to encourage someone out there who is weary of the economic down-turn in our country to take a step in the right direction today! You too can partner with PWAN HOMES Ltd., and build your real estate firm just like I did, from virtually nothing to something. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You can make over N450, 000 every month by working with PWAN HOMES as an independent marketer of their real estate products (Lands).

Every time you sell a plot of land, you will make 10% of every transaction you close. Some of us make over N600, 000 every month and some make N960, 000 in a particular week. It all depends on how much target you set to make for yourself.


The first and right step to take is for you to sign up VIA my team and become a partner with PWAN Homes here >>> THIS LINK  and then we can take it up from there…

Please disregard the N37,650 on the registration form. You are to register with only N1,650. 

After signing up online go ahead and make payment of N1,650 only into the account details below:

Bank :  Zenith bank

Account name :  PHPAC

Account number :  1013721001

After that, if you need further clarification for any reason do not hesitate to contact me on this line – 08028437423


  1. You will be added to our whatsapp group known as- 10,000 Landlords. The vision of the group is to work together as a team and ensure we don’t stop until every member of the group becomes a property owner.
  2. You will get my free training report on HOW TO SELL ONLINE using an effective and simple 3-Step Approach to boost Your Income By 110%… In Less Than a Month! You will not get this elsewhere…
  3. You will be introduced to other network and affiliate marketing systems where you can quickly apply your newly acquired online selling skills. This is very important because the best form of learning is to actually start practicing what you have learnt. One of such companies is actually involved in promoting health and beauty products that sells like magic because of the efficacy of their products. You can even go ahead to sign up for that immediately as well, because as they say…delay is dangerous. To sign up with them is actually free. Go check it out >>>HERE and don’t forget to call/whatsapp me if you need further clarification- 08028437423.
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Real-Estate-Nigeria                                                                                                                               SO HOW WILL YOU BE ABLE TO SELL THESE PLOTS OF LAND?

You don’t have to worry about where to go or who to sell to as you will be given adequate training on how to go about this by the company.

The company has an academy known as PWAN Academy which is strictly for partners. The regularly scheduled training will make it easy for you to make the necessary sales and meet your desired target from wherever you are in Nigeria.

Interestingly, you will also have access to key information you will need to function effectively.

So selling these plots of lands won’t be an issue for you as you will be put through on how this business is done in a very simple and easy to understand way.


When you enroll with PWAN Academy, you will have access to Free Seminars, Workshops, Training and several personal development products like books, CD/DVDs, Manuals etc. Training holds on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(for working partners) respectively at various centers to be disclosed to you as you join the team.

The company also holds a Free SUCCESS SUMMIT on the 12th day of every month where they review their operations and feature different speakers to talk on different pillars of success.


As earlier mentioned, you can start making over N1,000, 000 every month depending on your effort.

For every 10 plots of land you sell, you get a plot of land free. Just imagine how many plots you will get at practically zero cost if you sell 10 plots every month.

Somebody has sold 20 plots in a week before!  You can sell off some of these free plots later on when the value appreciates and then apply the proceeds towards building your own house. It is that simple…

Also, by meeting a set target; you may be will be rewarded with certain items like a brand new car, mini laptops and many other gifts from time to time.

For marketing runs, there are over 15 SUV s with drivers on standby for site inspection. All you have to do is get as many interested prospects to come to the office daily except on Sundays at the hours of 10a.m, 12 noon and 2p.m respectively with or without your presence and the deal will be closed on your behalf to help you earn your deserved income.


A quick secrete! The more you advertise your business and talk to lots of people the more responses you get and the more sales you will record.

You will also have the opportunity to visit several parts of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Every Work with Us in Nigeria Partner can qualify for any of our fun learning adventures to various parts of Nigeria, Africa and beyond.


As i write this report some of my team members are currently enjoying this benefits outside the shores of Nigeria-Dubai to be precise:

As a partner there is simply no limit to what you can benefit. You too can earn free trips by meeting set target. You too can qualify for an all expense paid trip this year if you kick off immediately.


  • Opportunity to become PWAN HOMES Ambassador
  • Go for all expense paid international trip
  • Earn direct and indirect commissions
  • Participate in Performance bonus
  • Own property with extended payment plan without added charges
  • Earn Center bonus
  • Earn referrals bonus
  • Participate in PWAN Academy training
  • Earn Active Partners monthly commission
  • And Earn Annual Personal Activities Bonus (APAB)

With PWAN Group… there is no Limit!


You will not need to break the banks or get A BIG Capital except the sum of N1, 650 for your complete registration pack as a partner. This fee is meant for the processing of your ID card, business cards etc.

Registration automatically makes you a member of PHPAC (PWAN HOMES Property Access Club).

The vision is to enable as many focused people as possible to be able to start something through which they can earn reasonable income with little or no stress and also acquire properties over time.

PLEASE NOTE:  You don’t need any special experience or qualification, just the ability to read, write and communicate effectively. You will be trained on Marketing strategies, Business development, and Entrepreneurship through the Seminar/Workshop that hold from time to time.

One thing you must endeavor to do is to come for inspection of these properties: inspection is free of charge, all you need to do is to come over our office, Monday to Saturday at the hours of 10am, 12noon, 2p.m and 4p.m and the ever ready logistics department will take you to these estates for you to see for yourself what you want to sell, so that you can be well informed.

You must be able to work with little or no supervision from wherever you are in Nigeria. This is very important. As an Independent consultant you report to you and you alone.

Below is a video tour of one the properties for sale: from Oakwood Gardens back to Eleko beach junction…just 22 minutes drive! Enjoy you view>>>

Below are some of the estates currently on sale;



(Idikasu, Eleranigbe, Ibeju-Lekki) with survey plan


12 Months Installment N7,500,000
Initial Payment  N150,000
Monthly Installment N50,000
Outright Payment  N675,000


(Bogijo) 648 sqm with Excision                                                                                

12 Months Installment N3,000,000
Initial Payment  N300,000
Monthly Installment N225,000
Outright Payment  N2.7M


By Lakowe Lakes Golf & County Estate 

With Governor’s Consent

N450,000 Monthly N13,500,000 675sqm
N600,000 Monthly N18,000,000  900sqm
 Outright payment attracts 10% discount


(Eluju, Ibeju-Lekki) 600sqm with Excision

12 Months Installment N4,800,000
Monthly Installment  N400,000
Outright Payment attracts 10% discount


(5 Min Drive from Free Trade Zone) 600sqm

C of O Number: 9/9/2014M

30 Months Installment N6,000,000
Monthly Installment  N200,000
Outright Payment N5.4M


(Ibeju-Lekki) 648 sqm

12 Months Installment N1,800,000
Initial Payment  N300,000
Monthly Payment N125,000
Outright Payment  N1.5M


(Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju-Lekki) 500sqm

With Gazette

30 Months Installment N3,000,000
Monthly Installment  N100,000
Outright Installment N2,500,000



Buy 2 Plots & get 1 free.

Offer Valid till June 30th, 2016


(Tagbati, Eleranigbe, Ibeju-Lekki) With Excision

12 Months Installment N1,800,000
Initial Payment  N300,000
Monthly  Installment N125,000
Outright Installment N1,500,000


  1. The new International Airport
  2. The new Pan African University
  3. The Lekki Free Trade Zone
  4. The new Sea Port
  5. Two Golf Courses
  6. Several Upcoming Gated Estates.



(Ota) 648sqm Excision in process

12 Months Installment N600,000
Monthly Installment  N50,000
Outright Payment N540,000


Buy 2 Plots & get 1 free.


(Udu, Warri – Delta State) (Survey)

36 Months Installment N900,000
Monthly  Installment  N25,000
Outright Installment N850,000

As you can see, a very flexible payment plan is in place. Whereby, a potential buyer makes an initial payment and spread the rest within 12 months period or more as the case may be.

She/he can decide to finish payment in less than 12 month.

Don’t waste any more time procrastinating on how to make good exploit of this opportunity!  

If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs. Start that dream business today!!

Contact me straight away to get more info and winning strategies on this rare real estate venture.

Remember, 2017 is already more than halfway gone…you can still make it count!!!

Contact us now: For more info on how to join, purchase any of the above lands and site inspection; please call/whatsapp 08028437423