Pain and Frustration
Pain and Frustration

bulletDo you find it difficult to meet up with your ever increasing bills?

bulletAre you currently out of job, or you have a job but need a business you can run by the side line [“Plan B” because of the current job insecurity]; while you still maintain your current job?

bulletWill you like to create other streams of income to ease the current biting economy?

If you answered yes to any of the above… then make sure you PAY FULL ATTENTION TO THIS POST OR YOU’LL MISS OUT COMPLETELY!!

Landlord vs Tenant
Landlord vs Tenant

Just 11 months ago, a friend of mine, Dave, called me and was telling me on the phone that his house rent had just been raised from N400,000 to N700,000 per annum and he didn’t know what to do, he sounded so helpless.

Sincerely I could not help but laugh and then called his attention to what he could do in less than a year to start his own building project.

He sang the songs of lamentation “the caretaker just keeps bringing letters”. I asked “what sort of letter”? “Increment letter”! He exclaimed.

I asked him. “Dave, if you continue this way, when do you want to give your landlord a letter too”? “What letter”?

“house-warming invitation letter of course” I said. He was pessimistic about it. He said “you have never been serious, how do I afford to own a house when I don’t own a land to my name. I can’t afford a house rent, and now you are telling me to give my landlord a house-warming invitation letter”? “How do I do that”? Now, that is…The big question!


I said “fine, what a constructive question”, I called him over to my very own well-built property on the island in, Lagos.

All I spent with him was just 30 minutes, telling him how he could actually give his landlord a house warming invitation letter within few months from then.

I left him amazed in the room, and he later came to me and said:                                                                           

“Now I know what I lack, it is actually not money, it is information. Thank you for this one. I owe you one”.

Today, he had given his landlord a house-warming invitation letter, and he now collects tenancy fee from his tenants.

Now back to the almighty question he asked then “How do I do that”?

  • How do I stop being a tenant and start being a landlord?
  • How do I make money to sort out my bills?
  • How do I become one of those owners of estates on the island of Lagos state?
  • How do I liberate myself from daily insults?

It’s simple! Allow me borrow what Dave said, “What you lack is not money, what you lack is information”. And now I’m ready to shower you with that information…

Dave was so tired of daily insults, and there are millions of Nigerians like Dave, that are yet to have a house of their own. Please don’t mistake a shelter for a house please.

For how long do you want to be thinking of how you are going to pay your next house rent because you know that if you delay for more than a day in paying your house rent, your landlord would simply send you a letter telling you that your house rent has gone up by 100% just to simply tell you how he wants to put his house on let so that he could get a full 3 years rent and agreement fee from another prospect.

For how long do you want to keep painting a house that is not yours?

For how long do you want to give your landlord money to build another house when you have none?

For how long do you want to wake up one day and see a note that states that your house rent has just been increased even though you just paid the previous week?

For how long? Please tell me! You need to set it straight and put an end to serving landlords.


First of all, he learnt and mastered a unique online selling skill i taught him then, which i will also be sharing with you in a moment.

After that, Dave went a step further and signed up to partner with a real estate firm that are into selling of a large expanse of land in Nigeria. Dave became very successful with this firm because he became an expert in selling.

The name of the real estate firm is- PWAN HOMES Ltd.! You can google it out.

PWAN HOMES is an acronym for Property World Africa Network Home Ownership Made Easy Scheme.

A property marketing company that presently operates out of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and currently marketing various expanse of land in the Ibeju-Lekki LGA, amongst other locations in Nigeria to be developed into estates.

Their team is made up off several Independent consultants who diligently are developing their own individual businesses with a strong support system put in place by the company to guarantee results.

As a matter of fact, my own company, The ArchPlace was born out of PWAN HOMES. The ArchPlace Properties was established with the numerous commissions received through my partnership with the company as one of their consultants within a short period of time.    

Now, Who Am I?

By the way, who am i to even start lecturing you about investment?

My name is Archie Barry and the first thing I want you to know is that I am not a Professor, financial expert or even an investment expert whatsoever.

I am just a regular guy who lives in Lagos and enjoys making money using a unique selling skill i perfected long time ago. And i also love travelling a lot.

Anyway, i went to the university spent 6 years(Plus ASSU strikes), and left the school with little or no plans in mind to stick around paid employment for too long. In fact, as i write this report, I am not currently using my certificate to earn a living.


As a young lad i came across lot of folks who did not really find joy and fulfillment with paid employment. So i never wanted such to happen to me, and as a result i mapped out my strategies long before now and followed the footsteps of some of my mentors…

But I actually fully made up my mind during the brief  years i spent working in the bank. Let me tell you why I made that decision.

In all my brush with paid employment even before I got into the bank, I’ve come to discover why most people who depended on a fixed income never find that complete joy and fulfillment with themselves…


Their monthly income is practically fixed and is based on the worth of their certificate.


And they usually don’t have the power to increase their income because it is controlled by a third party – The government or their employer.


As a fixed income earner…The pay is almost never enough!

Basically, they are always at the mercy of someone else!

This person decides if your income should increase or not. If you should stay or not.

But that is not all…

In my own case, you had very little time on your own.

As a financial analyst in the bank, I left my house very early in the morning, Monday to Friday and came back at night when everyone in my house was asleep.

Most of the time, we even worked on weekends (Sunday inclusive)

What pained me most was this woman in my office who had 3 children.

Those children will come and meet her in the office and waited till she was through for the day which is usually after 8 p.m.

I didn’t want to continue the same life of stress, no freedom and ‘not enough income’ that I experienced while being called a banker.

I didn’t want to continue to borrow money anytime I had to pay for something big like buying a car, rent or paying for school fees.

I wanted a life of freedom.

I wanted to create a lifestyle income that is within my control.

But the problem was, i had No rich friends, family members and no capital to even start any side line business with.

So, I read a lot of articles, books, research papers, course training etc just broaden my horizon…

It wasn’t until when I went on vacation some years back that  I got access to a KEY ELEMENT that changed everything.

One night, in the midst of my frustration …

I Stumbled on a Web page that showed me A UNIQUE SELLING SKILL…That Changed My Life Forever!

This was the first time in my life that I came across someone who really understood the type of life I had been dreaming about.

A few months after I stumbled on this webpage and started to apply some of the selling strategies I was learning, which was similar to what i had been trying out on my own anyway, i started making up to N100,000 a month.

That was when I knew my hard-work had paid off – big time!

Right now, you could be struggling with debt, struggling to pay school fees or house rent, struggling to provide for your family but as soon as you learn the same selling strategies I learnt, you may never have to worry about money again.

That last statement sounded like a HYPE but believe me. It isn’t because…

A few months later, I found out that I wasn’t the only one who was enjoying the lessons from this weird webpage.

There were others.

One of them is the publisher of Complete Sports, Dr. Sunny Obazu who was already a self-made millionaire.

Another person whose life got transformed because he discovered these selling strategies is Akin Alabi, the founder of NairaBet which is Nigeria’s first sports betting website.

In fact, Akin Alabi’s story is spectacular.

Because of what he learnt, he single handedly built Nairabet from scratch without the help of a single investor.

Later on, I also learnt of a guy who dumped his certificate and avoided fixed income like me after working briefly because he learnt how to sell.

As a result, he went from living in an uncompleted building and surviving on garri and groundnut to a big duplex in Lekki and making millions of Naira per month.

His name is Ronald Nzimora and he is a good friend of my mentor- Toyin Omotosho.

Ronald taught this same “selling secrets” to a 23 year old guy, Daniel Adebanji, a student of Unilag and Daniel already makes over N1 million a month as a student.

I am saying this because I want you to know that everyone I have come across who understood these selling secrets always abandon their certificates because it just won’t be able to give them enough income.

The same thing will happen to you too as well…trust me your ability to Sell Will sure transform your life for good!

As for me, ever since i developed this exceptional selling skill i knew immediately that my life will be changed forever.

That was why i took a decisive step some years back and yielded to the same advice given to Dave above when the opportunity presented itself and I joined PWAN Homes, as a partner while still maintaining my paid job.

Today when I look back and remember the day I had to give my employer a resignation letter, when I consider the current economic trends and the rate of job lost in Nigeria , I cannot but thank God for giving me the wisdom to make the right decision then.

Meanwhile, my friend that sold the idea to me and made me sign up under him then, advised me to make it  my “Plan B” and run with it until it becomes my “Plan A”,  after which I could then decide to throw in the towel with my paid employment, if I so wished.  

Today, I remain ever grateful to him, just as Dave cannot stop thanking me for giving him the same information am now giving out to you for free …

Now, the good news is… you too can partner with that same company today! You can make over N1,000, 000 every month by consulting for them on their real estate products which is the major product being promoted for now.

You can actually diligently develop your own individual Real Estate Business from here, with a strong support system “WORK WITH US IN NIGERIA” put in place by the company to guarantee results.  

Every time you sell their landed property, you will make between 10% – 20% commission on every transaction you close, depending on the property involved.

And the good thing is that if you become a partner by signing up under my team i can guarantee you that within 30 days… Your ability to make money out of thin air is going to skyrocket like never before!

Why did i say that?

I said that because i am going to show you the same unique selling skill i have been talking about. This is because your ability to Sell is the only thing that gives you Control Over Your Income:

When you know how to sell, your income no longer depends on the government or your employer.

You might keep your job for other reasons best known to you but even if they delay salaries like they do these days, you won’t worry because you already know what to do to make far more than the salary.

If you develop this unique ability to sell, it also means you will be able to start any business and have an assurance that you will succeed with it.

And if you are already running a business, you will know what to do to skyrocket sales and make a bunch load of profits.

It also means:

  • You can start and run a business of your own anywhere in the world and make it your main source of income.
  • You can keep your normal job and create a standby income generator that you control by the side. That way, if you lose your job or if you don’t get paid on time, it won’t matter.
  • You can use this ability to write proposals and sell your ideas to companies.
  • You can use it to sell other people’s products as an affiliate and get good commissions. More on this later.
  • You can use it to become a success at network marketing like you will soon experience.
  • You can use it to create and sell your own products either digital or physical.
  • You can use it market your professional services and breakthrough.

The list is endless!

What this skill does is that…

It turns you into a LIVE breathing cash machine!!!

A live breathing cash machine is a phrase mentor-Toyin Omotosho came up with meaning someone who can make money out of thin air.

Someone who knows what they can do in almost any situation to create a downfall of cash anytime because the truth is that opportunities to make money are always available but is people with selling skills who know how to convert them into money.

When you can sell your way anywhere, you can successfully start from scratch and create enough enviable income anywhere in the world.

Let’s say right now, you are even broke and unemployed and your highest certificate is SSCE but you somehow came across this report and signed up under me  and you started to develop your massive selling skills.

With this skill, you can confidently go to any business or company with good products and tell them to sign you up as an affiliate and that you will bring in sales for them.

This means without salary because you will only be paid from the sales you bring.

What do you think they will do?

They will sign you up instantly because all companies need sales.

I know of a guy when I was still staying in Abuja who went to a real estate company and signed up to help them promote their properties as an affiliate and the company agreed to pay him N60,000 per plot.

Guess what? In his first month, he successfully sold 10 plots.

Can you see why I said “the ability to sell gives you control over your income?”

With his skill, this guy can easily go to other real estate companies as well just like PWAN Homes and they will be happy to sign him up especially since he won’t be collecting any money until he makes a sale.

And will they ask him for his certificate? NO OF COURSE!

They only care about results…

Fortunately in today’s internet world, you don’t have to be physically going to companies to sign up with them as an affiliate.

There are tens of thousands of companies online that will readily welcome you as an affiliate and pay you hefty commissions when you use your massive selling skills to sell for them.

And mind you, I am not talking about hawking or the traditional type of selling that people do.

Also, this is not the boring sales and marketing stuff that broke lecturers in our universities teach people in school.

Young Millionaires at 23:

The 2 young guys you are looking at below are some of those i taught this unique selling skills a few years ago.

One is around 23 and the other one is around 25.

new image

I can’t take credit that I taught them everything they know about massive selling just like I didn’t learn everything I know about selling from only one source.

I could easily tell you that these young guys made millions by doing business A or B but that will be a lie because it is not the business itself that made them a lot of money.

It is the fact that they used their massive selling skill to market the business.
They are both graduates but they don’t have to use their certificate for one day unless they are going for political office.

If this skill can help them this much, what about you?

The ability to sell massively will work for anyone. It does not matter if you are ugly, a dwarf or an illiterate. It will change your life. It is the one business skill that brings in the money…Every SINGLE Time.

What I have been trying to drive into your ears, dear friend is this:

“If you can master the art of massive selling, you will be able to sell almost anything in the world and as a result, you will be able to create cash on demand and be able to control your income”

See, I can continue to tell you why this one skill will transform your life or keep telling you about the many people whose lives have been transformed but that won’t help you.

What will help is for you to start mastering this ability to sell that will turn you into a live breathing cash ATM.

So, how do you get started?

The first and right step to take is for you to sign up under my team and become a partner with PWAN Homes via >>> THIS LINK  and then we can take it up from there…

Please disregard the N37,650 on the registration form. 

After signing up online go ahead and make payment of N1,650 only into the account details below:

Bank :  Zenith bank

Account name :  PHPAC

Account number :  1013721001

After that, if you need further clarification for any reason do not hesitate to contact me on this line – 08028437423

Please bear in mind that this unique selling skill you will enjoy when you sign up under my team will not in any way interfere with the training you are going to get when you enroll with PWAN Academy.

My own team members training is personal and can be liken to a person who attends an extra coaching lessons after school…like we all use to do in those days!


  1. You will be added to our whatsapp group known as- 10,000 Landlords. The vision of the group is to work together as a team and ensure we don’t stop until every member of the group becomes a property owner.
  2. You will get my free training on how to sell online using an effective and simple3-Step Approach to boost Your Income By 110%… In Less Than a Month!
  3. You will be introduced to other network and affiliate marketing systems where you can quickly apply your newly acquired online selling skills. This is very important because the best form of learning is to actually start practicing what you have just learnt. One of such companies is actually involved in promoting health and beauty products that sells like magic because of the efficacy of their products. You can even go ahead to sign up for that immediately as well, because as they say…delay is dangerous. To sign up with them is actually free. Go check it out >>>HERE and don’t forget to call/whatsapp me if you need further clarification- 08028437423.
  4. When you sign up for the health and beauty network marketing company above then you will also be added to another group known as “HYBRID TEAM” where you will further sharpen your online selling skills because you will have access to my mentor directly, the owner of the weird webpage i mentioned earlier that changed my whole life. You will be privileged to get the links to watch his live webinars and training’s that made me who i am today.
  5. Some of the links you will access include the following:
  6. Links to Hybrid Webinars:
  7. Webinar 1 – Introduction to the HYBRID System (204MB)
  8. Webinar 2 – Step by Step Process of Selling Online as a Distributor (305MB)
  9. Webinar 3 – How to Create your Lead Generation and List Building System
  10. Webinar 4 – How to Create Killer Presell Content (Ronald Nzimora)
  11. Webinar 5 – How to Design Your Website & Get Traffic Online to It
  12. A PDF Handout on the webinar on getting traffic
  13. An Extra video training by Frank Kern on how he uses Facebook ads to target people who are most likely to buy.
  14. Webinar 6 – How to Followup and Get More Sales Via Email Marketing And Email Marketing Webinar Slides (PDF)
  15. Webinar 7 – How I Sell Diabetes Supplements Online as an Affiliate.
  16. And You Will Get To Download the PDF handout for this webinar                    
  17. WEBINAR 8 – How to Design Professional Webpages Using Instabuilder
  18. You Will Also Get Links to EXTRA Video Training On:
  19. (a) A great webinar on selling online by Ronald Nzimora:
  20. (b) Mini-site Design training Videos and Software using SharePoint Software is also included: (735MB)
  21. LINK To IT =>
  22. You Will Also Get Other Helpful Materials like:
  23. (a) Swipe file containing marketing tools like samples of banner ads, optin page samples, headline swipe files etc
  24. (b) How to Build Your Own Massively Profitable Money Nest (PDF)
  25. (c) How to write website content/copy that will make you rich                                      
    You will get this and many more which cannot be exhausted in this report because of time and space. But there is one thing i can assure you…your life can never remain the same when you sign up with my team, trust me!



You don’t have to worry about where to go or who to sell to as you will be given adequate training on how to go about this by the company.

The company has an academy known as PWAN Academy which is strictly for partners. The regularly scheduled training will make it easy for you to make the necessary sales and meet your desired target from wherever you are in Nigeria.


Interestingly, you will also have access to key information you will need to function effectively.

So selling these plots of lands won’t be an issue for you as you will be put through on how this business is done in a very simple and easy to understand way.

When you enroll with PWAN Academy, you will have access to Free Seminars, Workshops, Training and several personal development products like books, CD/DVDs, Manuals etc. Training holds on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(for working partners) respectively at various centers to be disclosed to you as you join the team.

The company also holds a Free SUCCESS SUMMIT on the 12th day of every month where they review their operations and feature different speakers to talk on different pillars of success.


As earlier mentioned, you can start making over N1,000, 000 every month depending on your effort.

For every 10 plots of land you sell, you get a plot of land free. Just imagine how many plots you will get at practically zero cost if you sell 10 plots every month.

Somebody has sold 20 plots in a week before!  You can sell off some of these free plots later on when the value appreciates and then apply the proceeds towards building your own house. It is that simple…

Also, by meeting a set target; you may be will be rewarded with certain items like a brand new car, mini laptops and many other gifts from time to time.

For marketing runs, there are over 15 SUV s with drivers on standby for site inspection. All you have to do is get as many interested prospects to come to the office daily except on Sundays at the hours of 10a.m, 12 noon and 2p.m respectively with or without your presence and the deal will be closed on your behalf to help you earn your deserved income.

A quick secrete! The more you advertise your business and talk to lots of people the more responses you get and the more sales you will record.

You will also have the opportunity to visit several parts of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Every Work with Us in Nigeria Partner can qualify for any of our fun learning adventures to various parts of Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

As i write this report some of my team members are currently enjoying this benefits outside the shores of Nigeria-Dubai to be precise:IMG-20170402-WA008



As a partner there is simply no limit to what you can benefit. You too can earn free trips by meeting set target. You too can qualify for an all expense paid trip this year if you kick off immediately.


  • Opportunity to become PWAN HOMES Ambassador
  • Go for all expense paid international trip
  • Earn direct and indirect commissions
  • Participate in Performance bonus
  • Own property with extended payment plan without added charges
  • Earn Center bonus
  • Earn referrals bonus
  • Participate in PWAN Academy training
  • Earn Active Partners monthly commission
  • And Earn Annual Personal Activities Bonus (APAB)

With PWAN Group… there is no Limit!


You will not need to break the banks or get A BIG Capital except the sum of N1, 650 for your complete registration pack as a partner. This fee is meant for the processing of your ID card, business cards etc.

Registration automatically makes you a member of PHPAC (PWAN HOMES Property Access Club).

The vision is to enable as many focused people as possible to be able to start something through which they can earn reasonable income with little or no stress and also acquire properties over time.

PLEASE NOTE:  You don’t need any special experience or qualification, just the ability to read, write and communicate effectively. You will be trained on Marketing strategies, Business development, and Entrepreneurship through the Seminar/Workshop that hold from time to time.

One thing you must endeavor to do is to come for inspection of these properties: inspection is free of charge, all you need to do is to come over our office, Monday to Saturday at the hours of 10am, 12noon, 2p.m and 4p.m and the ever ready logistics department will take you to these estates for you to see for yourself what you want to sell, so that you can be well informed.

You must be able to work with little or no supervision from wherever you are in Nigeria. This is very important. As an Independent consultant you report to you and you alone.

Below is a video tour of one the properties for sale: from Oakwood Gardens back to Eleko beach junction…just 22 minutes drive! Enjoy you view>>>

watch (1)

And below are list of other estates currently available for  you to start promoting immediately:


Location: (Eleranigbe, Ibeju Lekki)

Title: Undergoing  Excision                                                                              

12 Months Installment N1,800,000
Monthly Installment N150,000
Outright Payment  N1,500,000



By Lakowe Lakes Golf & County Estate 

With Governor’s Consent

N450,000 Monthly N13,500,000 675sqm
N600,000 Monthly N18,000,000  900sqm
 Outright payment attracts 10% discount



Location: Eleranigbe

600sqm with Excision

12 Months Installment N1,500,000
Monthly Installment N125,500
Outright Payment attracts 10% discount                N1,350,000



(5 Min Drive from Free Trade Zone) 600sqm

C of O Number: 9/9/2014M

12 Months Installment N6,000,000
Monthly Installment  N500,000
Outright Payment N5,400,000



Location: (Eleranigbe, Ibeju Lekki) 600sqm

Title: Govt. Excision

12 Months Installment N3,000,000
Monthly Payment N250,000
Outright Payment N2,700,000



(Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju-Lekki) 500sqm

Title: Govt. Excision

12 Months Installment N3,500,000
Monthly Installment N262,500
 Initial Deposit   N175,000
Outright Installment N3,150,000



Location: UDU Warri, Delta State( 600sqm)

Title: Power of Artoney

36 Months Installment N900,000
Monthly  Installment N25,000
Outright Payment N850,000



  1. The new International Airport
  2. The new Pan African University
  3. The Lekki Free Trade Zone
  4. The new Sea Port
  5. Two Golf Courses
  6. Several Upcoming Gated Estates.



Location: (By the Free Trade Zone). 600sqm

Title: Govt. Excision

12 Months Installment N4,800,000
Monthly Installment  N400,000
Outright Payment N4,320,000


Destiny Gardens Phase 1

Location: Eluju

Title:Govt. Excision

12 Months Installment N4,800,000
Monthly  Installment  N400,000
Outright Installment N4,320,000


Destiny Gardens Phase 2

Location: After Free Trade Zones

Title:Govt. Excision

12 Months Installment N3,600,000
Monthly  Installment  N300,000
Outright Installment N3,240,000



Location: Off Monastary Road, Sangotedo

Excision file number:( KL/ 6083/4)

12 Months Installment N8,500,000
Monthly  Installment N637,500
 Initial Payment  N850,000
Outright Installment N7,650,000



Location: Behind  May Fair Gardens Awoyaya

12 Months Installment N4,500,000
Monthly  Installment  N375,000
Outright Installment N4,050,000


As you can see, a very flexible payment plan is put in place. Whereby, a potential buyer makes an initial payment and spread the rest within 12 month’s period or more.

She/he can decide to finish payment in less than 12 month as the case may be…

Don’t waste any more time procrastinating and strategising on how to make good exploit of this opportunity!  

If you don’t build your dreams at some point in life… someone will hire you to build theirs.

Start that dream business today! Contact me straight away to get more info and winning strategies on this rare real estate venture.

Remember, 2017 is already a quarter way gone…make it count!!!

 Call now: For more info and site inspection; – 08028437423, 08028158070