10 Tips for a More Peaceful Home

Maintaining a Zen-like space is about much more than style. It’s about cultivating a peaceful place where each object has a reason for being present, whether for its beauty, utility or both. Here are 10 ways to bring a peaceful, balanced feeling to your home.

Tell us: How do you make the most of a tiny closet?

How you manage to maximize the efficiency of your wardrobe. Do you have any clever storage options or alternatives for getting extra space at home without radically getting rid of precious clothes and shoes!

Do you declutter your wardrobe from time to time? Or do you prefer to get extra space using hooks, exploiting the space under the bed or storing in boxes and baskets?

Tell us: Share all your secret alternatives! Photos encouraged!


A Therapist’s Guide to Dealing With Conflict at Home

As you probably know, living with someone comes with a few irritations. For some couples, these can lead to repeated arguments or even separation. But according toAndrew Gottlieb, a clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, it’s more complicated than something like messy dishes left near the sink. “The core issue is communication,” he says. “It’s not dishes that cause divorce. It’s lousy communication between the couple.”