I love you


What I’m writing to you today may seem a little off topic, but honestly it couldn’t be any more “on topic”.  Life is happening all around us, and as passionate as I am about  home interior decor and properties, sometimes there are more important things to talk about than the latest and greatest 10 ways for a perfect and healthy wood flooring est.


“I love you.” 

I can’t think of any number of words in the entire English language more powerful than these 3 simple words when set one after the other.  They’re calming, they’re refreshing, they’re restorative.  They speak healing, they’re heart-warming, and encouraging.  They make all the difference.

At the same time, when is the last time you’ve said them to or heard them from the people who mean the most to you, especially our spouses ?

For most, it’s been too long.


In life, you can’t go back.  When it’s too late, it’s too late.  We never know what tomorrow will bring, or even today.  I’ve lost loved ones and I’ve seen others lose some of the closest people to them, unexpectedly, without warning.  Did they have regrets about not telling them they cared enough?  Failing to say those 3 simple words as often as they should?  I don’t ever, ever want to find myself in that position.


And really, how often is often enough?  Once or twice a year in a greeting card? During the yuletide season like this? The reality is this — you, your spouse, family, your closest friends…nothing is guaranteed. The closest person to you could be gone tomorrow.  Did you tell them you loved them today?  Did you express to them how much they mean to you?

I tell my wife and kids that I love them all throughout the day, every day.  My closest friends and my family know they are loved.  Not because they are left to assume it, but because I tell them.  I made a decision a long time ago that I would make sure the people around me know how important they are to me.  Life is too short for the things that matter most to go unsaid. 


For the people who are close to me, I don’t want them to ever have to wonder if I love them.  I never want someone to have to assume that I care about them.  If I’d do anything for someone, they will 100% know it. 

How?  I’ll say it.  I’ll show it.  I’ll do it.  In the big things, in the little things, in the deep conversations, and in the little “reminder” phrases.

“You know I love you, right?”

Try asking that question without making someone’s day. Without filling them with warmth.  Without evoking a huge smile.  Do they know you love them?  Of course they do.  But it’s little reminders like that that make all the difference.  Its lets the person know “You’re important to me.  Right now, in this moment, in this Christmas/new year and many more to come.”  It’s current.  It’s edifying.  It’s encouraging.  It’s what people need.


Cherish the people around you today.  Let them know they’re important to you.  Let them know you love them.  Say it today.  Say it like you mean it.  Say it often.  No one gets tired of being reminded that you love them, or hearing that you care.  Yes, show it, but also say it.  You never know when someone needs to hear those 3 simple words most.

Season’s greetings to all our clients at The ArchPlace Interiors and to you all who visits our site and read our blog post every other time. We wish you all a fruitful 2017!!!

With love and gratitude,


Archibong Enang
Co-Founder, The ArchPlace Interiors

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Amazing 3D Board wall panels


3D wall panels are suitable for almost every application including hotel interior decoration, office interior decoration, home interior decoration, apartment interior decoration, bar interior decoration interior wall decoration… or any area where aesthetics and value are.

Are you looking for something new and exciting to shape your walls? At The ArchPlace Interiors, we’ve taken wall murals to the next level with our funky 3D Wall Board panels.












Some of the features of our 3D Wall boards include;

  • Raw materials used for our 3D wall panels are 100 % recycled, compostable and very eco friendly.
  • The 3D wall panels are designed that when you put them together they form a pattern.
  • You can paint them any colour you like or  you let us do it for you.
  • Delivered to your door within 7 days anywhere in  Nigeria.
  • We have installation services in all major cities. 

    Shop by Texture

3D Wall Panels designs NO.07  3D-wall-panels-apartment-decoration

3D Wall Panels designs NO.07

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-in-bedroom-decoration-06

3D Wall Paneling designs NO.08

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-in-bedroom-decoration-05

3D decorative wall panels designs NO.09

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-in-home-decoration-03

3D textured wall panels designs NO.15

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-in-meeting-room-decoration

3D MDF wall panels designs NO.19

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-office-decoration-01

3D MDF wall decor panels designs NO.31

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-in-office-decoration-02

3D wall panels designs NO.33

3D Wall Panels 3D-wall-panels-in-home-decoration-01

3D MDF wall boards designs NO.42

3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels designs NO.50

3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels designs NO.52

At The ArchPlace Interiors we focus in developing exciting interior environments through the application and installation of textured wall panels at both commercial and residential level any time.

The concept of creating texture that can be applied to flat walls is one that has always fascinated us because flat walls are plainly boring. In this respect the current trend of enhancing interior environments in restaurants, clubs and hotels with a wide articulation of textures is testimony to the sea of change that is impacting interior design. Designers are now focused in creating surroundings that envelope the consumer in a wide array of textures to overwhelm the senses. Combine our 3D panels with creative lighting and the results are spectacular! Our product range includes  Art Decorative Wall Panels, Textured Relief Wall Panels, Interior Decorative 3D Wall Panels, Modern Wall Paneling,. While carved decorative walls are usually found in architectural treasures of the past or five star hotels because of their prohibitive high cost, ours is extremely well priced averaging between N5,500-6,500 per square meter.

3D Wall Decor

 The simple but highly successful décor concept of a feature wall takes on a whole new meaning with the launch of the new range of interior wall decoration from The ArchPlace – 3d board. No longer restricted to creating feature walls with a splash of colour, this cost effective product creates an atmosphere that you can practically feel.
photo 2 (1)
As the exclusive importer and distributor of 3d board in Nigeria, we are introducing a high quality, artistic and durable three-dimensional wall decoration that is not only eye catching but environmentally friendly. The design applications of 3d board are limited only by your imagination and can be utilised to create stand alone feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere of elegance and refinement throughout the home or business premises.
Constructed primarily from plant fibres and using environmentally friendly technology, we are clearly dedicated to ensuring that this exceptional product enhances your home with minimal environmental impact.
The unique 3d board provides an eco-friendly alternative to standard wall cladding. Additionally the board is lightweight and easy to install DIY or by one of our professional installation team.
photo 5
The versatility of the product makes it suitable for commercial areas such as hotels, night clubs, offices, board rooms, hospital and airline lounges and many more creating a high impact interior feature that will help to make any business stand out from the crowd.
photo 4
 Stepping out from the generic feature wall to create an impressive and unique feature with 3d board, homeowners can select from a choice of designs that fit the atmosphere of the room with a choice of elegant, luxurious, modern or funky wall decorations for home theatres, lounge rooms, hallways, ceilings, bedrooms, etc.
photo (27)
3d board has a wide range of domestic and commercial applications available to view on our Gallery, showing  examples of how 3d board can add that “WOW” factor to your home or business spaces.
”Our aim is to combine aesthetically appealing materials with superior quality and functionality.”
With a firm understanding of the dynamics behind visual merchandising, combined with an extensive product variety, 3d board designs are able to meet almost all visual merchandising requirements of architects and designers, in an ever-changing market.
We offer comprehensive support with technical installation training as well as a fully trained installation crew that are able to provide a quick and professional service.
At a time when the environmental impact of a product is as much a focus as design, this distinctive green product is setting a new trend in wall furnishings and taking interior design to a new level.


Tell us: Are you on board with our unique 3D boards?

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By: Archibong Enang

45 Cole Street, by Ogunlana Drive,
Surulere, LagosTel: 08028437423, 08028158070
Website: www.thearchplace.com
Email: info@thearchplace.com
Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 8am – 7pm 



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